Now, ladies, isn’t it about time we give our men the benefit of the doubt? How about we try believing the best in them!

There’s got to be a purely rational reason for why he hasn’t responded to your very vulnerable message about the status of your relationship in 78 hours.

Don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what’s going on on his end. Have a little compassion, a little grace, huh? You’re always assuming the worst in men.

Maybe he dropped his phone in the toilet while a wildfire simultaneously shut down all internet connection in the town where…

I read voraciously this year. I couldn’t stop myself. I just kept going. In a year that forced solitude, I found reading as a lifeline. Sometimes, it was to escape, but often it was to grow and understand, to be close to others in a time where that was impossible. I was insatiable for words. Other’s words, at least. I hope, in 2021, to find some of my own.

Top 10 Fiction (Novels & Short Stories)

Homeland Elegies, Ayad Ahktar

Homeland Elegies is the kind of novel I live for, the kind I crave, the genre-bending, un-and-hyper-reality, the philosophical that doesn’t forget to sucker punch you with the poignancy of the…

Recommitting to the American Experiment for a More Perfect Union Through We The People

While 2020 sputters along, unsure of what next crisis will unleash upon us, the upcoming general election and the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked a dualism of nostalgia for democracy and a rabid questioning of what a democracy is in American public discourse. Both sides of the pendulum hold the same value in focus with vastly different conceptions. …

How Patriarchy and Fear of Loss Cause Some of the Disconnect Between White Women’s Ideology and Action.

In the midst of the protesting against police brutality and systematic oppression of the black community, I am trying to do the work, as they say. After a seminar in race at the Aspen Institute, I have spent most of the year reading black voices (books listed in earlier Medium posts). In full transparency, intellectual endeavor is comfortable for me. I enjoy being challenged, convicted, and critiqued. I have spent the last six months in a project of disavowal of ego and attachment…

I debated not sharing this. I am working to move away from the ego-trip that has largely defined by obsessive reading habit: to realize that I am no longer in school (for now), and no one is looking over my shoulder to judge or enumerate the books I am reading. I have always envisioned some imaginary list that tabulates and calculates the amount versus quality of books that I read. Or maybe it’s that I feel there is so much to know and learn and discover and feel, and I want to try to fit it in. Whatever it is…

“You’re seriously not buying another one, are you?” My best friend Brittney sends the question through a gray bubble in my messages, minutes after posting my location on social media.

“I’m not kidding — you don’t need another.”

I’m torn as I stand with a new zip-up fleece in hand staring longingly at the register. I look down and start to justify what specific use it would have. I had asked for accountability in my gear addiction, but I didn’t think she’d actually follow through.

Another text comes through.

“You have six of them.”

I sigh; she’s right. I fold…

Photo: Brad Barmore

Late August in the pines and people are seizing the slippage of summer:

frenetic bars, concerts al fresco, walks in the late wildflowers.

Gauzy purple-pink clouds, flashes in the horizon, that Colorado un-storm.

The temperature cows to coolness, before the first hard freeze, as if to say,

“we had a good run of it, didn’t we?”

Seasons in these mountains announce their arrival and

delay their departures, but we know them all the same:

know the morning frost, know the solitary smoldering tree in the greenery,

know the dusting of spires and disappearance of birds.

Fading Time is tactile. One…

The Overstory: Richard Powers

It has been awhile since I have read such a large, epic powerhouse of a novel. This story operates on deep time, weaving together the ecological timeline with human histories and the trajectory of manifest destiny, and following several different characters whose interactions overlap in various ways. This novel is a tour de force in exploring how humans can exist with the natural world and how small our worries and extractive desires seem in comparison to the Redwood trees. …

Some things end; some things come to a screeching halt. The hunger overwhelms. I wake up hungry. I am always hungry. I cannot stop the longing.

I satiate myself with self-help quotations, but they’re like sugar, temporarily satisfying but perpetually dissolving, never sustenance for the hunger. I need to fill myself. The plane shakes, and I stare blankly at the “Exit” sign.

I pull the seat buckle across my lap in route recognition. I wrapped my denim jacket around my shoulders covered in goose bumps and feel the extra layers of skin around my ribs. …

Haley Kit Littleton

Editor/Writer. Lover of language, bikes, and homemade pasta. Student of literary theory, American studies, and the West.

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